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GMHG Camping

GMHG Camping is sold out for all types of camping.

We are no longer taking advance registrations for camping spaces.

Check at the Camping Registration Tent for possible

campsites on the noncurfew side. We can not guarantee you a

campsite if you just show up. The only campsites that are

guaranteed are the ones that have been registered in advance.



Link to new video of the Games by David Quillin

Link to first video of the Games by David Quillin

Link to Information and Secure Order Form for Whisky Tastings

Madam Arabella Kincaid of Kincaid: Honored Guest for
the 2019 Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

Clan Kincaid: Honored Clan for 2019
Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

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Pictures of Doug Leonard and Children


For the Friday day event of the 2019 Grandfather Mountain Highland Games there will not be any general public parking on MacRae Meadows. Parking is reserved for Sponsors, Chieftain Patrons, Highlander Patrons, Clansman Patrons and participants. Public parking will be provided at Caldwell Community College in Boone and at the Avery County High School in Newland. Shuttle service will be provided from these two locations.

Scottish Heritage USA, Inc. sponsor of the Grandfather Mountain
Highland Games Scottish Cultural Village: Scottish Heritage USA -- dedicated
to the preservation and enrichment of Scottish tradition, history, crafts and culture.


The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games is now accepting trophy sponsorships. For a list of available trophy sponsorships click the following link: GMHG Available Trophy List


The Bear Foot Race is sponsored by the Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation. The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games wants to thank the Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation for all their help with this event each year.


The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games has compiled a list of area businesses that may be suited to host or assist with an Annual General Meeting or other function to be held by any of our participating clan or family societies. Societies are encouraged to contact the individual businesses directly to help pull final details together. As always, the our staff is eager to assist with any other help with this, or any other information that might make participation in the GMHG experience more valuable.

List of Area Businesses



List of

Clan Memorial